Thursday, 18 November 2010

Cycle Chic London - Lock 7 Bike Café

Lock 7 Cycle Cafe, London
The Lock 7 Cycle Café is a cool bike shop/café in Hackney.

It was inspired by a trip the owners made to Copenhagen.
Lock 7 Cycle Cafe, London
The owners were inspired by the Danish capital's all-encompassing bicycle culture.

Lock 7 is like an anchor for the blossoming bicycle culture in Hackney in particular and London in general. Sitting outside on a Tuesday morning with a coffee, the parade of cyclists/Cycle Chicistas rolling past was astounding. It has to be the most cleverly placed bike shop in London.
Lock 7 Cycle Cafe, London
In the city on a whole there are 2% trips by bike but in Hackney it's 8%. Lock 7 has a fine, relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. When they started out the café was a lot larger but now the tables are a bit fewer to make room for the bikes. They repair them and they sell them and I spotted a shiny new Velorbis in the stable of new bikes. All they need now are some Bullitts from Larry vs Harry to complete the Copenhagen Connection.
Lock 7 Cycle Cafe, London
A location next to a constant flow of cyclists is a plus, but check out the rest of the location. It has to be the best view from a bike shop I've ever seen. Lock 7 is named after this seventh lock on the Regent's Canal that winds it's way through London. It's not because you need seven locks to secure your bike in the city. Four will do, apparently.

Lock 7 Cycle Cafe is located at 129 Pritchards Road, London [Hackney].

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