Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Just another ride to work along the Bethnal Green Road...

How's this for riding to work in style?

Bethnal Green bike belle

Snapped on the Bethnal Green Road just the other week.  Copenhagen Cycle Chic had better watch out, good old London is catching up in the style on two wheels stakes...  The bike, incidentally, is a Pashley which are made in England, so this is 100% home-grown cycle chic.


Anonymous said...

Nice pic! I agree, London cycling needs to add more chic and move away from the lycra outfits.

Here is me on my AMiiVA, french-made folding bike in London:


ibikelondon said...

Nice picture! I love rate my Velo and could spend hours looking at the world's different cyclists.

Thanks for sharing!

The Owl Of Derision said...

Love this. I've started cycling round London recently, and it's so much fun - and so cool. I've been inspired to write a blog post about the joys - and occasional frustrations! - of life as an everyday London cyclist :D



Anonymous said...

i´m jaime, from spanish brand peSeta

i just wanted to share with you this short film we´ve made about our latest collaboration:
a series of bike caps made by a bicycle attached to a sewing machine for the New Museum of NYC shop...
we´re really excited about it and thought you might like it as well...


thank you very much and cheers
sorry i couldn´t find a contact email


Jake said...

Why is almost every single cyclist featured on this blog cycling without a helmet? A lot of beautiful bikes being ridden by some extremely ignorant people!