Wednesday, 9 October 2013

See Your City. Feel Your City. Love Your City.

Well hellooooooooo Londoners!

If you haven't heard of us until now I bid you a warm welcome to London Cycle Chic. It's one of the many branches stemming from the world-renowned fashion blog Copenhagen Cycle Chic - where it's all about commuters dressing for their destination and NOT their journey.

Whilst I ramble on, take a look at some of my best Copenhagen moments from this summer...

In Kongenshave
sporty chic girl
fav photo
London is one of the greatest fashion capitals. No doubt about that. So surely it should be a rich pool of Cycle Chicness. We need contributors - and we know you're out there! So take a few snaps of yourself showing us how you like to look on your London ventures and we'll frame it here. Send them in to our Facebook Page by messaging us.

Who's running the show? LCC was started up by urban mobility rockstar, Mikael Colville-Andersen, the guy whose photos "launched a million bicycles" and essentially kick-started the whole global bicycle movement. Yep, the power of the blog. Make no mistake, Cycle Chic simply celebrates the freedom of cycling and wearing whatever you like. So we invite you to join the Cycle Chic movement.

I didn't really answer the question above. I'm Kristina (aka K.E.G.) and interned with Copenhagenize Design Co. this summer'13. I started blogging for their company blog, CCC, and loved it! I believe that any city in cycling transition needs a bit of Cycle Chic to keep it fun and light.

polka dot1
Some of my favourite characters from the summer.

I'm studying at the University of Manchester but am originally from West London (big it up Ealing!). I'm half-English and half-Danish and grew up seeing the best of these two worlds. Now I'm bringing what I deem to be the best of Copenhagen living to Manchester and hopefully the rest of the UK. I've just launched Unicycle (Manchester), which aims to be all about student cycling promotion. If you're a student in Manchester, check out our Unicycle Facebook Page. We want to think BIG and we want to think BIKE. So "Get On It!"

Right. Long introduction Over. Let's get this show on the road (wording intended)...!

Over and Out!

K.E.G. x


Lucia Y said...

Ah Love this blog and the whole concept!
Lucia xx

Madame Velo said...

I love the cycle chic blogs. You know, when I watch the styles of cyclists from all around the world, i see that You can really see the culture of a country by looking on the way the cyclists dress.
Catherine Baba, Paris... this is something so stunning, so open for the self-expression... London I thing is not that. You used to have so many rules, and to break them take some energy, but also form a character

Copenhagen Bike Rental said...

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