Thursday, 23 June 2011

Protest chic!

Most people who ride bikes in London will be fully aware of the ongoing issues surrounding the proposed re-design of Blackfriars Bridge and the awful conditions that will be created for cyclists there.  If you're not up to date you'd do well to read up over at Cyclists in the City.

Cyclists took to the bridge in their 100s a few weeks ago in a 'flashmob' style protest ride.  It's good to know that even when Londoners are out fighting on the streets they're doing it in style...


There were no less than two bakfiets on the ride; and if bridges like Blackfriars can be made in to places for people let's hope we'll see more and more on our roads.

Do it for the kids!

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Ottawa bike guy said...

" Blackfriars will get two more lanes for motor vehicles and an increased speed limit. This will make it harder and more dangerous to navigate both for people on cycles and on foot but make it easier and faster for people in private motor cars."

This sort of thing should be a relic from the past. It's time for pedestrian and cycling to always be considered when new work is done on any road/bridge etc...I hope these plans change.

Cheers from Canada